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Adress: 4601 West San Jose Street, Tampa, FL 33629
A new City of Tampa Park; name?
Adress: 4810 North Himes Avenue, Tampa, FL 33614
Al Lopez Park
Adress: Tampa, Tampa, FL 33604
Alan Wright Park
Adress: 2902 North 32nd Street, Tampa, FL 33605
Alfred "Al" Barnes Park
Adress: Tampa, Tampa, FL 33609
Beach Park Private School
Adress: 7999 East Veve Lane, Tampa, FL 33610
Blackwater Hammock
Adress: 4009 West Watrous Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629
Cal Dickson Tennis Center
Adress: 11430 Orange Grove Drive, Tampa, FL 33618
Carrollwood Park
Adress: 2846 90th Street, Tampa, FL 33619
Causeway Park
Adress: 1800 East 8th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605
Centennial Park
Adress: Tampa, Tampa, FL 33604
City Of Tampa Park
Adress: 16101 Compton Drive, Tampa, FL 33647
Compton Park
Adress: 11111 West Waters Avenue, Tampa, FL 33635
Countryway park
Adress: Tampa, Tampa, FL 33635
Countryway Park
Adress: 4119 USF Cedar Drive, Tampa, FL 33620
Cresent Hill Parking Facility
Adress: 8703 Bowles Road, Tampa, FL 33637
Croc Encounters
Adress: 1401 North 31st Street, Tampa, FL 33605
Crosstown Tech
Adress: 2101 East Drive Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33603
Cyrus Greene Park
Adress: 3611 Danny Bryan Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33619
Desato Park Hillsborough
Adress: Corrine Street, Tampa, FL 33605
Desoto Park
Adress: 2902 North 32nd Street, Tampa, FL 33605
Eighteenth Street Playground
Adress: 350 West Fern Street, Tampa, FL 33604
Epps Park
Adress: 4700 South Clark Avenue, Tampa, FL 33611
Foster Park
Adress: West Kentucky Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602
Freedom Park
Adress: 3302 USF Hawthorn Drive, Tampa, FL 33612
Geopark USF
Adress: 5202 North 12th Street, Tampa, FL 33603
Giddens Park
Adress: Tampa, Tampa, FL 33619
Grant Park
Adress: 7601 U.S. 301, Tampa, FL 33637
Harney Park
Adress: 502 West Henry Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604
Henry & Ola Park
Adress: 3498-3400 East Ellicott Street, Tampa, FL 33610
Herbert D. Carrington Sr. Community Lake
Adress: 3111 East Drive Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33610
High Park
Adress: 10119 Windhorst Road, Tampa, FL 33619
Hillsborough County Parks
Adress: 10305 N Henderson Road, Tampa, FL 33625
Hummingbird Gardens
Adress: 1508 North Clark Avenue, Tampa, FL 33607
Jim Walters Park
Adress: 14042 Shady Shores Drive, Tampa, FL 33613
Jones Vet Group
Adress: 1001 North Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606
Julian B Lane Riverfront Park
Adress: 6620 Hanley Road, Tampa, FL 33634
Adress: 400 North Ashley Drive, Tampa, FL 33602
Kiley Gardens
Adress: 7506 South Morton Street, Tampa, FL 33616
Kwane Doster Community Center
Adress: 6920 East Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL 33637
Lettuce Lake Park
Adress: 400 North Tampa Street #1900, Tampa, FL 33602
Lykes Bros Inc
Adress: 1211 East Sligh Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604
McDugald Park
Adress: Tampa, Tampa, FL 33620
MLK Plaza
Adress: 17001 Dona Michelle Drive, Tampa, FL 33612
New Tampa Nature Park
Adress: 8608 North 12th Street, Tampa, FL 33604
North Tampa Park
Adress: Tampa, Tampa, FL 33611
Ocean Park
Adress: Upper Tampa Bay Trail, Tampa, FL 33635
Old Memorial Trailhead
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